Who we are

JINLIN Capital is a venture capital firm  focusing on early-stage investment and incubation of blockchain companies,since 2017 we have made over 100 investments and achieved more than 100 times return.


As an early participator in the market , we have strong financial background and the team is composed of the most active investors & experienced advisers,we are consistently pursue long-term value investment and maintain close partnerships with global entrepreneurs.

How we can help

Seek opportunities for cross-network communication and relationships as we have touched over 100 companies and entrepreneurs.


Super post-investment services like community operation support after launch .

Provide flexible capital support based on different portfolio.


In the next 5 years, we aim to become the world's top venture capital fund with an asset management size of more than 100 billion US dollars and establish a wide deal resource channels with VC partners around the world.


Big influencer in the crypto industry and reshape the future with Web 3.